GPS holder 2.0 - Rhino

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Adjustable holder for GPS navigators, tablets, smartphones and other small devices.

Solid and strong construction - highly recommended for off-road driving.

  • Detailed mounting instructions
  • Powder-coated
  • Materials: steel (AISI 304 - non magnetic) and aluminum (AIMgSi0)
  • Adjustable height (4 different positions)
  • Adjustable inclination (2 different positions)
  • 12 mm pipe diameter
  • Bracket cut with laser machine
  • Materials from Germany and/or Italy
  • Total weight: 320 g

An optional cylindrical adapter is available (diameter = 18 mm, length = 30 mm, material = reinforced polyamide).


  1. images show the holder mounted at the highest position possible.
  2. please send an email if you prefer a different color from black for the conical washers at the ends of the pipe (not depicted in the photos above)
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